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We process the material you have provided or procure the material defined according to your specifications, coat and deliver it!

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Has it already happened to you that the load slipped during transport or that you had not enough rubber mats to secure the load in accordance with the applicable regulations!

With a STOP-N-MOVE® load securing floor from WEHE you do not need rubber mats, you do not have to expect any fines from the BAG and your load is secured with a guaranteed coefficient of friction on the floor.

With a STOP-N-MOVE® load securing floor from WEHE, you can transport your freight with a clear conscience and, above all, safely. You save valuable time during loading and unloading.

Now you are able to process your transport orders more safely, faster and more economically.

"Noise Reduction"

The loading and unloading of trailers and semitrailers can rarely be carried out silently. And you are probably familiar with the problem that residents or neighbors complain about noise.

By using our STOP-N-MOVE® coating for floors and tail lifts you can reduce noise levels by up to 13 dB.

With the noise reduction using our STOP-N-MOVE® coating you meet the strict requirements of the Dutch PIEK regulation and you can load and unload your freight without any further hassle. At the same time, you increase your ability to compete.

You are now able to include noise-sensitive delivery areas in your portfolio.

"Occupational safety"

Accidents at work are uncomfortable for those affected and for employers and must be avoided. However, many occupational safety actions are not designed to be durable, as protective devices detach themselves from the ground after a short time.

Our STOP-N-MOVE® coating on accessible machine elements or vehicle components for operating and maintenance purposes is durable, extremely hard-wearing and meets slip-resistance values from R11 to R13.

Now you can be really sure that you have done everything possible for you and your employees in terms of safety.

More security means more efficiency and economy.

"Protection against abrasive wear"

Abrasive wear on machines leads to breakdowns, downtimes, maintenance and repair costs! Experience has shown that it always happens when you don't expect it.

With a polyurea coating from WEHE you can protect extremely stressed machine elements (e.g. vibratory grinding systems, components of concrete mixing systems, etc.) against abrasive wear and reduce operating costs.

With the advantages of a polyurea coating you reduce your costs, increase your competitiveness and offer added value for the customer.

Longer service lives mean higher process reliability and thus more efficiency and profitability.

"Weather resistance"

You are certainly familiar with loudspeaker boxes at festivals and can imagine that the material is not handled with care and that the material has to withstand the weather at all times. Sometimes one or the other breaks.

Our polyurea coating protects material against impacts and moisture and ensures durability.

With a polyurea coating for loudspeaker boxes or wooden bridges, you ensure longevity and guaranteed use.

Reduced maintenance and service costs lead to more economic efficiency and sustainability.


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