Polyurea and more …

Polyurea consists of…

... a solvent-free two-component material.

Polyurea is created in the chemical reaction of an isocyanate - aromatic or aliphatic (UV stable) formulation - and a polyamine, as a hardener component, using high temperature and pressure.

Processing of polyurea


The advantages of a polyurea coating can be summarized as follows:

1. 100% solid content:
The spray system is solvent-free (VOC-free: free of volatile organic compounds) and is therefore environmentally friendly

2. High resistance:
The coating is resistant to abrasion, is UV and chemical resistant

3. Corrosion protection:
The coating is waterproof and protects metal from corrosion through thick layers. Possible residual moisture on the substrate does not represent a negative influence

4. Fast further processing:
The coating is completely cured after just 24 hours and is 100% resilient

5. High temperature range:
Polyurea can be easily processed between -50 °C and 150 °C and remains elastic

Polyurea shows the following properties:

Compliance with the PIEK requirements


Polyurea coatings have a noise-reducing effect and help to implement the PIEK regulation launched in the Netherlands. Vehicles and handling equipment may only generate noises <60 dB (A) during loading and unloading during night-time deliveries.

Application Examples

Transportation Safety Floors

Transportation Safety Floors


Rubbing Strips

Rupping strips



Tail Lifts

Coated tail lifts meet the PIEK requirements!

Drive-Over Ramps

Coated drive-over ramps meet the PIEK requirements!

Anti-slip beams

A double-sided coated wooden beam for load securing as a loading beam in trailers and containers in customer-specific dimensions.

Aluminium Sheets


Aluminium-sheets with different dimensions, thicknesses and surfaces used for different applications.

Steps / ladder ranks

Steps or ladder ranks coated with polyurea with slip-resistance classification R11 to R13 offer increased safety!

The picture shows a coating with a slip-resistance classification R13.

Loading ramp

Coated loading ramp to reduce noise and to protect against wear.

Handles, grab handles and bended pipes

Various bended pipes, handles or grab handles can be coated with polyurea due to different reasons like ...


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